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Smart Doorlock Alpha One

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Introducing the Houzmatic Smart Wi-Fi Plug, your key to seamless control and management of heavy appliances in your home or office. Compatible with a range of devices such as ACs, heaters, geysers, water pumps, and more, this smart plug offers unparalleled convenience through remote control via voice commands or the intuitive Qubo mobile app. With support for Alexa and Google Assistant devices, you can effortlessly switch appliances on or off, set schedules, and timers, all with simple voice commands.

Take control of your energy consumption with real-time power monitoring, allowing you to track and conserve energy efficiently. Create customized schedules to automate your daily activities, ensuring that appliances like geysers turn on precisely when you need them. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy wastage and potential damage with smart timers that automatically switch off appliances, preventing overcharging or overheating.

For added peace of mind, the Houzmatic Smart Wi-Fi Plug offers safety features such as remote device control and monitoring, allowing you to ensure that devices are switched off when not in use, thus saving on energy bills and minimizing the risk of damage.

With multi-person control and grouping capabilities, you can easily share access to devices and control multiple plugs simultaneously. The easy setup process requires no wiring or professional assistance—simply install the plug, download the Qubo app, and follow the instructions to add the device to your smart home network.

Experience the convenience of smart living with the Houzmatic Smart Wi-Fi Plug—take control of your appliances, conserve energy, and enjoy peace of mind, all at your fingertips.



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